Making Bread

I’m an early bird even when it’s dark in Winter, but at this time of year I’m happy to waken up as soon as it’s light. That means I can start to play around on the pc, checking for new emails in particular, when my brain seems quite lively. This morning I wanted to get cracking, in order to bake bread in the machine which Anne brought here a few days ago. It was going to be an exciting day. I had forgotten how I used to do all the things you have to do with the machine, and started to read about it, but then was interrupted by the phone, the first on many breaks in concentration. I kept returning to the kitchen and rounding up the ingredients, preparing as much as possible in the few minutes between phone calls.

The morning was cool at least, and the ingredients needed to warm up a bit, so I decided to have early lunch and get on in peace after that. Good idea. My favourite loaf of the old days is a herby one, and I did produce a decent one, with no problem. So while I had all the things spread on the table, it seemed a good chance to make the lovely fruit loaf, which I remember fondly. The smell of baking bread is bewitching, so I blame that for my lapse; it came easily this time, to pop stuff into the tin, and all the rest of the job, so I was soon clearing up the table and tidying around. Then I noticed the weighed-out dried fruit in it’s little tub, so I opened the lid of the machine and dropped them in. However, when I peeped in later I realised that it had been too late for the mixing process, and all the fruit was still on the outside of the dough ball. Oh Missis! Well, it might be ok even if the middle of the loaf was fruitless. But no, the fruit became blackish and dried up, and it looks very unappetising ,but I’ll do my best to eat some parts of it, a sort of penance for feeling more clever than I should , on the strength of one good result. You learn something every day. I might have to try again tomorrow, I’m sure I can make a perfect fruit loaf next time, with a bit of luck . Bedtime now, in my bread scented house.

Home Made Loaf of Bread


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